Virtual Pamphlet Collection

Virtual Pamphlet Collection

Virtual Pamphlet Collection

The Student Counseling Virtual Pamphlet Collection was originally developed by Dr. Lil Hsiung. SCRS clinicians reviewed the Collection in August 2003 and selected the information most salient to University of Chicago students for this website. An unabridged version of the Virtual Pamphlet Collection is still available on Dr. Huntrai independent website.

The virtual pamphlets are organized by topic below. Click any topic to see the pamphlets for that topic. A virtual pamphlet put out by another university may refer to services available only to students at that university. University of Chicago students should, of course, refer to the Student Counseling and Resource Service’s list of services instead.

The purpose of this web page is to provide faculty and professional staff with information about the Student Counseling and Resource Service, referral information, and how to assist University of Chicago students most effectively. Our goal is to help you recognize some of the symptoms of student distress and to provide some specific options for intervention and for referral to campus resources. We are available to assist you with problem situations and to consult with you on whether to intervene with a particular student.

This guide will discuss the role of faculty and staff in assisting with student problems. Guidelines are offered and each individual needs to consider what is appropriate in a given situation. Basic topics cover identifying students in distress, ways of dealing with these students and how to refer them for counseling. Dealing with the reluctant student, scheduling an appointment at SCRS and confidentiality issues are also discussed. At the end of this guide, other campus resources are listed.

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