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Located in an 1897 Howard VanDUVAN Shaw residence, the Student Counseling and Resource Service provides mental health care to University of Chicago students. This care includes assessments, emergency services, crisis intervention, individual, couples, and/or group brief psychotherapeutic treatments, medication management, academic skills counseling, and referral services.

SCRS also provides consultation to University officials who have concerns about a student.

Location and Hours of Operation


All students and spouses, domestic partners, and children of students who have paid the Student Health Fee are eligible for services at SCRS. The Health Fee allows the patient to receive diagnostic assessment and short-term treatment and/or referral. Most students pay the Student Health Fee at the time of their quarterly tuition. If a student is unsure of their Health Fee status, they should contact the Registrar’s Office at x 2-7891

Alumni are allowed one session at SCRS, free of charge, to discuss treatment and referral options. Members of the Student Health Insurance Plan who wish to use their outpatient mental health benefits for therapy outside the SCRS must first be assessed and referred by the SCRS in order to avoid a penalty.

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